International REU

Northeast LSAMP International Experience in South Africa at North West University

Call for applications to the NE International LSAMP program

This is an opportunity to provide international research experiences for talented students who are involved in LSAMP activities. Sophomore and Junior applicants have the chance to work closely with North-West University faculty on exciting new research projects while also broadening their cultural horizons through a month of residence in South Africa including intercultural workshops, activities and excursions.

Program dates: leave on or after May 18 – and return no later than June 21, 2013
Application deadline: May 6, 2013

There is no participation fee for this program; airfare, room and board will be provided by Northeast LSAMP. A picture of the first page of your passport must be submitted with your application.

Note: Students must have valid insurance and a current passport.

Students will work with project teams and will include activities such as: building a climbing wall for a variety of profiles including support of therapy at a school for students with disabilities; solar energy awareness; a bio-energy project to generate Bio Gas from waste; a solar car project as well as a variety of community projects including but not limited to redesign of current open bicycle parking facilities; recycling and the handling of waste; developing a water slide to be used at a youth camp facility; and development of playground equipment for poor communities.

Applications should be submitted to:

Susan Bronstein